Ed Driscoll

Objectivity? That's So 1996, Dude!

The Movie & TV News section of the Internet Movie Database notes “That’s Infotainment!” at ABC

ABC News executive producer David Sloan has indicated that the network will be continuing to move toward the convergence of news and entertainment — or “infotainment” as the controversial move has been branded. “My definition [of news] is limitless,” he told Chicago Tribune TV writer Phil Rosenthal as he plugged next Monday’s news special, Six Degrees of Martina McBride in which a group of six singers will try to connect with the country star in six steps or less. “It’s a hybrid,” Sloan said. “Look, ABC News is looking for new ways of interacting and engaging with the viewer. This represents that effort.” A different sort of “hybrid,” he noted, will be evident in the forthcoming six-week run of iCaught, using amateur videos posted on the Internet.

Since truth is relative according to liberal postmodernism, “Storytelling” really seems to be the flavor of week.