Ed Driscoll

Pinball Wizard

Follow the bouncing flip-flop! This Editor & Publisher piece begins with a headline that says, “‘Sun-Times’: Cancel That Left Turn“, includes a quote from Cheryl L. Reed, the new Chicago Sun-Times editorial page editor:

In a column in Sunday’s editions, Reed writes, “the word liberal carries a lot of baggage, so I’m discovering.”

She added she had “no intention of driving this paper down some partisan path.”

And ends with this:

Sunday, the paper introduced a new slogan for the editorial pages: “A progressive, independent voice for the city that works.”

Isn’t “progressive” merely the latest euphemism for what the left likes to call themselves? Or is the Chicago Sun-Times simply yet another media source that’s ashamed to tell its readers its ideology…keeping it inline with the eighty-year old paradigm followed by virtually everyone in the Parliament of Clocks?