Ed Driscoll

Two Americas Redux

Found via Hot Air, this op-ed trails off into the media’s usual Bush Derangement Syndrome, but its opening is a knockout:

With Al Gore in the news for battling global warming and Al Gore 3rd in the news for getting toasted, my favorite NYPD detective recalled a story that helps explain how father and son each became a particular kind of loser.

The story was told to the detective by a Secret Service agent some years back as they worked security for a dignitary visiting New York. Such details largely consist of just standing there for as long as 12 hours and the talk turned to a day when the Secret Service agent was assigned to then-Vice President Gore.

The detective recalls the agent saying that he was outside a room where Gore was loudly berating Al 3rd for something to do with school. The agent then overheard the senior Gore say to his son something truly stunning.

“What, do you want to end up like those guys standing outside the door?”

Or as another presidential candidate was once caught say, “I don’t fall down. The son of a bitch knocked me over“.

John Edwards was right: there are two Americas–in this case, it’s liberal elites, and those who are willing to take a bullet for them.