Terror In The Skies Revisited

We’ve written about Annie Jacobsen a couple of times here back in 2004 and 2005. The author of Terror In The Skies and the original column (which originally appeared on a financial Website called Woman’s Wall Street that Jacobsen frequently contributes to) that the book derived from received plenty of skepticism from–shocker–those wishing to displace their fears of terror.


Ed Morrissey notes that in light of the details contained within an FBI report obtained by the Washington Times via a Freedom of Information Act request, “It appears that a few people may owe Jacobsen an apology”.

I wonder if Snopes will update its page on the incident Jacobsen described to reflect the background information on one of the passengers in question that Ed describes.

Update: Related thoughts from Philip Pidot, who notes, “Maybe Jacobsen was lucky to suffer only derision and disregard. Today, she might well have been slapped with a defamation lawsuit“.


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