Ed Driscoll

Won't Get Fooled Again, Parte Dos

Prominent GOP leaders booed by party faithful over immigration bill. As Glenn Reynolds notes:

I still don’t know enough to know if the bill is good or bad. But if the bill is actually a good bill that the GOP base would accept if they read it . . . then that’s an even bigger indictment of the GOP leadership for failing to sell it. At this point, they’ve either mis-sold a good bill, or produced a bad one.

Hugh Hewitt is reading the actual text of the bill (and needless to say, there’s lots of text) and recommends that, “the president and the GOP Senate leadership need to postpone any cloture vote until the law is examined, debated and amended”.

That sounds remarkably prudent to me.

Meanwhile, “Oklahoma’s Brand of Immigration Reform Barely Makes News; Guess Why?”