Ed Driscoll

Internet Incivility, Politely Unnoticed

“I’m not saying that you defend it. I’m just saying that it goes politely unnoticed a lot of the time.”

–As Newsbusters notes, kudos go out to Mary Katharine Ham, “who went up against three liberals by herself”–not surprising on CNN–“and did quite well” discussing the topic of female blogger harrassment, (and specifically technology blogger Kathy Sierra) alongside Arianna Huffington, Joan Walsh of Salon, and Reliable Sources host Howard Kurtz himself.

(Back from Vegas, incidentally.)

Update: Here’s video of MKH on CNN.

More: Jeff Jarvis has related thoughts on how the Blogosphere works–versus how some wished it did work–that are well worth reading in their entirety.

Elsewhere: Mary Katharine Ham comments on her CNN appearance.