Reactionary Hollywood

Newsbusters explores “Foreign Journalists and ‘300’“:

“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,” Sigmund Freud is purported to have once said, cautioning that not everything has a deeper, hidden meaning to it. Well, sometimes a blockbuster blood-soaked action flick is just that, a blood-soaked, special effects-laden action flick.

Just try telling that to cynical, left-wing European journalists.

According to Entertainment Weekly, everyone from gay interest groups to foreign journalists have engaged in armchair psychoanalysis of director Zack Snyder’s screen adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel “300.”


Older readers out there may vaguely remember a period deep in Hollywood’s past, when Tinseltown actually sought controversy instead of running away from it.

Update: “Realism and cynicism need not be the same thing, and Hollywood doesn


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