Criminal Intent, Indeed

Via Atlas Shrugs, The Jerusalem Post writes:

A popular US television series is coming under fire after a recent episode portrayed Israel in a harsh light and appeared to promote anti-Semitic stereotypes of Jews as disloyal citizens.

The plot line of the February 27 installment of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, a fictional police drama broadcast across America on NBC, centers on a journalist who is poisoned after his girlfriend uncovers a foul-up by Israeli intelligence.

The show depicts Israeli bulldozers destroying Palestinian schools, with at least one character referring to “Israeli brutality.”

It also includes a Jewish police captain who agrees to cover up for Israel by shutting down a criminal investigation at the urging of the head of the local pro-Israel group.

In one scene, after Captain Danny Ross tells his officers to halt their investigation, Detective Mike Logan confronts him and asks, “Are you a Jew first and a cop second?”


Geez. Of course, maybe they’re just making amends for this episode a couple of years ago.

Seriously though–what’s happened to the Law & Order franchise? It’s gone very far astray from its Jack Webb-style Dinkins-era beginnings.


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