Gliberalism Spotted In Multiversity Restrooms

Ruth Wisse explores what she calls the growing “gliberalism” of American universities:

Recent surveys confirm that university faculties have been tilting steadily leftward, but I think it is wrong to assume they have been tilting toward “liberalism” as is commonly assumed. Liberalism worthy of the name emphasizes freedom of the individual, democracy and the rule of law. Liberalism is prepared to fight for those freedoms through constitutional participatory government, and to protect those freedoms, in battle if necessary. What we see on the American campus is not liberalism, but a gutted and gutless “gliberalism,” that leaves to others the responsibility for governance, and arrogates to itself the right to criticize. It accepts money from the public purse without assuming reciprocal duties for the public good. Instead of debating public policy in the public arena, faculty says, “I quit,” but then continues to draw benefits from the system it will not protect.

The national and international crisis may eventually pull the elite universities into action, but by then, gliberalism will have done its damage.


In I Am Charlotte Simmons, Tom Wolfe, through the eyes of his eponymous student from tiny Sparta, NC, famously writes in astonishment at the trend in American universities since the 1970s towards the co-ed bathroom.

If that sounds extreme, consider the movement towards the opposite direction in Aussie campus facilities spotted by Tim Blair:

The successful integration of Muslims into the broader Australian community continues apace:

A row has erupted over Muslim-only washrooms at La Trobe University that can be accessed only with a secret push-button code.

Apparently most Australian universities provide Muslim-only prayer and washrooms for students. Shouldn


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