Dawn Of A New Vista?

Mickey Kaus writes:

I am so not excited about Windows Vista! … And I was excited about Windows XP, because I thought its sturdier code would stop it from crashing. I was wrong, at least for the early version of XP that I bought. Now I can’t see a thing Vista’s going to do for me that seems worth braving the inevitable Microsoft early teething problems. [It says you can “spend more time surfing the web”!–ed No I can’t.] … P.S.: Needless to say, if everyone has this attitude Vista (and the need to buy new computers powerful enough to run Vista, etc.) won’t provide much of a boost to the economy.


I do think 64-bit computing (on Windows or otherwise) has some real possibilities, but it may be a while before it filters down deep into the Army of Davids/serious consumer level.


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