Ed Driscoll

Anchorman Without Viewers Feels No Pressure

Dan Rather, enjoying his long retirement on Mark Cuban’s HDTV channel, reminds us he’s still alive:

Dan Rather says he has found his new position as the producer/reporter of occasional documentaries for Mark Cuban’s HDNet “liberating.” In an interview with today’s (Monday) Washington Post Rather said that coming into the new project, “there’s no ratings pressure at all, none, zero. No demographic pressure, zero. Where else in television — or, for that matter, radio or print — can you say that?”

Umm, the Blogosphere, where the cost to set-up shop is free? You have heard of Weblogs, right, Dan?

Update: I wonder how much pressure Dan’s replacement is feeling to increase her ratings? Mickey Kaus’ theory regarding CBS’s grand strategery behind Katie Couric’s hiring is making more and more sense.