Ed Driscoll

No Coincidence That October Ends With Halloween

Mark Levin questions the timing of the Foley allegations–and notes that there will be many more “surprises” to come this month. Or as Jim Geraghty writes:

So – we’ve got campaigns against “Rape Gurney Joe” in Connecticut; the Washington press corps wants to know if George Allen is now, or has ever been, a Jew; in Maryland, a staffer posted on her blog about the “Jewish noses” of donors and Oreos…

Heck of a campaign season, huh?

October’s going to be a long year.

Update: Paul Mirengoff of Power Line writes, “If this is Sunday, it must be another Washington Post front-page hit piece against the Bush administration”, adding, “I guess we can expect the Post to lead with “drive-by” attacks in the Chandrasekaran, De Young, Woodward style every Sunday until the election.”

Nahh–they’ll expand to the rest of the week as November gets closer.

Another Update:Real scandal, fake blog.”