Ed Driscoll

New Podcast: The Incredible Shrinking Critic

A few years ago, Jami Bernard, who until very recently, was a film critic at The New York Daily News, decided to use her very public platform as a means of helping herself lose weight. She shared her weight loss–ultimately 75 pounds worth–with her readers, writing regular updates, and posting photographs of her progress.

The result of all of this is her new book, The Incredible Shrinking Critic: 75 Pounds and Counting: My Excellent Adventure in Weight-Loss, which is as much of a witty autobiography of her days growing up in Queens, as it is a serious look at diet, fitness and weight loss. With all of the recent podcasts and blogs about fitness and nutrition, I thought Jami’s story would make for a great podcast, which you can hear by clicking here, or via Apple’s iTunes site. (No iPod required, of course; virtually any PC can download and play an MP3 file.)

And after you’re done listening, stop by Jami’s own blog, by clicking here.

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