Ed Driscoll

Target Tells FDR To Go Fly A Kite

On Sesame Street, Roosevelt Franklin was a Muppet who was one of the first casualties of political correctness. Betsy Newmark spots a page on Target’s Website that needs to be killed ASAP as well:

Poor Target–they really need some remedial history lessons. Take a look at their Franklin Roosevelt doll. Franklin’s out of his wheelchair and wearing the bifocals that he invented right after he responded to the day of infamy. Probably ready to charm the ladies and the French while he’s at it.

Colonial Benjamin Franklin Roosevelt’s Webpage is still up for now; as Betsy writes, “Enjoy the comments at the Target site. Their customers are having some good fun. Their catalog programmer is obviously not a history major.”

A year ago, David Gelernter wrote:

knowing history is worse than ignorance of math, literature or almost anything else. Ignorance of history is undermining Western society’s ability to talk straight and think straight.

Or write advertising copy, it seems.