Ed Driscoll

"Did You Plan On Taking A Breath At Any Point?"

In 2003 and 2004, Charles Krauthammer not only coined the clinical phrase “Bush Derangement Syndrome“, but explored its cause and why those suffering from BDS invariably have such an intense case. Dr. Krauthammer dubbed that component of the ailment, “the Pressure Cooker Theory of Hydraulic Release“.

Chris Matthews demonstrates what the explosion sounds like when the pressure cooker blows–to the point where Don Imus asks him–twice–the question contained in the above title. As Duane Patterson writes, also linking to an MP3 of Matthews’ breathless rants, “Listening is fine, but you need to really read what he had to say”. Or to paraphrase a James Lileks’ comment about another BDS-sufferer, would you like a period, sir? It’s wafer-thin!

Update: Roger Simon looks at another example of the mind-warping dangers of BDS.