Ed Driscoll

In The Mail

Recently arrived review copies:

  • The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. Chris has been formulating his thesis online before releasing it in book form; we wrote about what his meme means for the Blogosphere last year, and will have more on the topic in the not too distant future.
  • The Frustrated Songwriter’s Handbook by Karl Coryat & Nicholas Dobson. Is someone trying to tell me something?
  • Plug-In Power by Ashley Shepherd. Another book for home recording enthusiasts; a guide to all of the powerful sound-altering effects both built-into home recording programs, or available separately.
  • Led Zeppelin: A Story of a Band and Their Music: 1968-1980 by Keith Shadwick. I don’t agree with all of the author’s conclusions about specific tracks and albums (he really loathes In Through The Outdoor, which I thought was a remarkable album, particularly considering how far gone half the band was), but a good, authoritative look at the 1970’s most influential band.