Ed Driscoll

An Army Of Cabbies

Back in the early days of the Blogosphere, Cathy Seipp looked at some of the inspired amateurs who were first beginning to make traditional members of the media squirm:

“The long-term question is, will big media become fragmented and collapse so that blogging becomes a real alternative?” Kaus asks. “Clearly, there’s no reason it has to be done by professionals. Will newspapers go out of business except for a few big ones and the rest of the business be left to amateurs?”

Reynolds thinks this is at least possible. “There are a lot of people who don’t have the designated credentials who are in fact better than some of the fossils you see on the op-ed pages of major papers,” he says. “I was on a talk show with Fred Barnes, [executive] editor of The Weekly Standard, and he said to me, ‘You’ve laid bare our dirty little secret. It’s not that hard.’ ”

The BBC, however, may be carrying things a little too far in their support of this spirit…

(Via the Pajamas homepage and Volokh.)