Ed Driscoll

Gentlemen, Start Your Camcorders--If They Don't Get Smashed

Power Line is still collecting video of the pro-illegal immigration marches today.

Here’s one fellow who probably won’t be contributing many images: his digital camera was smashed during the Dallas march.

Update: These photos from the illegal immigration march in Rochester, NY probably won’t make AP or Reuters any time soon.

Another Update: Byron York checks in from the DC rally:

By the way, I looked for Brian Becker, the veteran organizer for the neo-Communist group International ANSWER, which has been involved in some big immigrant events. I didn’t see him, and one rally staffer I spoke to seemed anxious to suggest that ANSWER had no role in this particular gathering. However, there were a lot of yellow “Amnistia — Full Rights for All Immigrants!” signs, which were produced by what is called the ANSWER Coalition.

There is no involvement of ANSWER here. Absolutely none, and when I say none, I mean there is a certain amount, more than we are prepared to admit

One More Update: Michelle Malkin and Ian Schwartz each have photos from the DC rally.