Ed Driscoll

All Hail The Chef Award!

Ed Morrissey writes that Al Franken can go on The Today Show and “joke about how exhausted [Andrew] Card has become after five years of 18-hour days, seven days a week, but God forbid anyone mention a lack of energy on his part when he manages to roll out of bed before dawn on one occasion!”

Morrissey notes that “All of this again reveals Franken to be a hypocrite and a coward, a man who can dish out the insults but who loses his temper easily when challenged. He has assaulted people in public for crossing him, including Laura Ingraham’s producer and a heckler at a political rally.”:

That makes Franken our new nominee for the Chef Award, given to those celebrities and political pundits who feel free to skewer everyone but howl when anyone dares criticize or satirize themselves or their pet causes. Isaac Hayes established this award by enthusiastically participating in South Park’s satires of every major religion — but quit in a huff when Scientology got skewered. Dishing it up has proven easier for these two chefs de wheezine.

Reasonably safe prediction: Michael Moore will cop a Chef Award of his own in the not too distant future. Although he probably should be grandfathered in at the start, much like the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has special awards for important pre-rock pioneers such as Les Paul and Hank Williams.