Ed Driscoll

The Blogosphere Meets Apollo 13

“Google, I think we have a problem”, Betsy Newmark writes; she’s finally up and running after her blog was inexplicably nuked:

If you’re going to start deleting blogs and then take four days to figure out and correct what happened, you’re going to lose more and more people. DJ Drummond expresses what a lot a people are thinking about Blogger at this point: they are interested in seeing how Google and Blogger address these problems that they have been having. You may think that we have no reason to complain since we’re getting the service for free. But, presumably, Google is not in the blogging business out of charitable impulses. They hope to make money from Blogger. And they will not be able to if they have these sorts of problems. I know that I’m going to be looking into other options.

And fortunately, there are lots of them.

Welcome to back to the Blogosphere, Betsy!

Update: Ed Morrissey dubs the incident “The Great Blogger Degaussing Of 2006“:

Failures happen. It’s what providers do to correct the situation that differentiates them, and of all industries, the blogging services should understand that most.

Exactly–and Google doesn’t exactly earn Gene Kranz-level accolades over their response here.