Letting It All Hang Out

Well, these folks don’t beat around the bush, do they? Nor does this fellow.

Just out of curiosity, what do the people carrying signs praising Hitler think of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent spate of Holocaust denial?


Update: In contrast to the above lunacies, Betsy Newmark and Mansoor Ijaz have some thoughts that are well worth reading, on, as Betsy puts it, “how Muslim leaders could have behaved if they truly had the interests of Muslims in mind”.

Another Update: John Hinderaker spotlights the organizational efforts behind the recent cartoon protests–which killed 11 in Libya yesterday, and 15 in Nigera today, incidentally:

FIfteen thousand people turned out in Hyde Park today to protest the Danish cartoons. They were bused in from all over England, which highlights the fact that we are not dealing here with spontaneous outbreaks of indignation, but with a coordinated campaign that is kept going because many Muslim leaders believe it advances their interests.

The AP quotes Taji Mustafa, spokesman for the Muslim Action Committee, which organized the Hyde Park event:

Mustafa said the cartoons were reminiscent of attacks on Jews in European publications in the 1930s.

“Now there is a demonization of the Muslim community, so we have to speak up to prevent something like the Holocaust from happening,” he said.

The analogy is silly, of course, but, hey, look on the bright side–at least he admits that the Holocaust did take place.



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