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Roundtable Discussion On The Cartoon Crisis

Yesterday, Hugh Hewitt hosted a roundtable discussion on the Cartoon Intafada, involving himself, fellow radio talkshow hosts Michael Medved and Dennis Prager, and from Evangelical Outpost, Joe Carter. You can read a transcript, and/or listen online, here. Here’s an excerpt, with some amazing statistics–or at least speculation–from Dennis Prager:


HH: I have a question for all three of you. I’m going to start with you, Dennis Prager. What percentage of Islam worldwide do you think is now radicalized?

DP: I would say…I would say at least 20%.

HH: And of the remaining 80%, how much of that do you think is susceptible to radicalization?

DP: Half. I’ll give you an example.

HH: Please.

DP: I don’t just draw these out of thin air. The Egyptian pilot who brought down the Egypt Air airline in an act of suicide and murdered everybody aboard?

HH: Right.

DP: The Egyptian government and people and press all backed the idea that it was Boeing’s fault, and that it was an American plot to blame the Egypt Air pilot. The ability to self-criticize in that part of the world right now is as close to zero as I have seen in my lifetime.

Absolutely. And needless to say, read or listen to the rest.

Update: Glenn Reynolds has numerous related links (there’s a shocker, huh?), including this observation from Austin Bay:

“The Danish ‘Cartoon War’ is an information warfare operation conducted by Islamist terror groups and at least two Middle Eastern dictatorships (Syria and Iran).”

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