Ed Driscoll

In Other News...

I say! I think there’s some sort of professional athletic competition taking place today!

Actually, talk about schizophrenia: in the den, where I’m typing this, I’m reading the latest cartoon-driven insanities as Western Civilization clashes with those who would topple it.

In the kitchen, as we get ready for our annual Super Bowl party, we’re watching NFL Films’ superb half-hour highlight films of the previous 39 Super Bowls on ESPN. Super Bowl III, which cemented both Broadway Joe and the Super Bowl’s reputation as the most important game of the year, is on right now. (Incidentally, a couple of years ago, I did pieces on NFL Films for TCS Daily and Videomaker magazine, for which I interviewed Steve Sabol, its president. They’re fun reads, if I do say so myself.)

I don’t know how the news of the Great Cartoon Crisis of 2006 is playing out the Blogosphere, or if all that many in the US as a whole are aware of what’s going on. But I suspect that for many Americans in the Blogosphere, today’s Super Bowl will be a welcome relief.

And all I ask is that there are no escaping nipples from Mick Jagger at halftime.