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The Exploding Plastic Inevitable Spin-Off Blog

Since everyone seems to have at least one spin-off blog, I figured I might as well launch mine to focus on home theater, and the myriad of hardware and software that goes into it, on a more geek-friendly level than this blog dares to delve into those topics. I’ll be posting original content, plus occasionally reprinting articles I’ve written on the topic for the various consumer electronics magazines I contribute to.


Pajamas Theater 3000 is still in its early phases, and at some point fairly soon, I hope to have a professional designer layout some snazzy new graphics. But there’s a fair amount of content up there now.

I’m trying to keep this blog far less politically-oriented than this blog (though not entirely, if only to comment on Hollywood’s recent output), but naturally, I hope there will be a fair amount of cross-over audience.

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