Ed Driscoll

"A Revolution of Conscience"

The prepared text of President Bush’s State of the Union address is online, here.

Glenn Reynolds has a list of live bloggers; in a shocking turn of events, Stephen Green is booze blogging the speech, replacing his trademark vodka with “a nicely icy gin martini with my patented ‘confetti twist’ of lemon”.

Michelle Malkin writes, “CNN is reporting that Capitol Police arrested Sheehan after she unfurled an anti-war banner inside the House chamber”.

Like Dennis Rodman, Cindy’s the consumate self-promoter.

Meanwhile, K-Lo notes two mentions of the phrase “Radical Islam”, which means, thankfully, “CAIR didn’t write this speech”–much as they wanted to.

And Betsy Newmark writes:

It’s so funny to see what lines the Democrats have decided that they won’t applaud for. Having military decisions made by the military and not by politicians in Washington is apparently something that they oppose and won’t applaud.

Because that worked so well for LBJ and Robert McNamara during Vietnam.

Update: Robert Byers looks at what he called “Zen Politics: The Sound of One Party Clapping“.

Update: Mark Steyn writes, “Nancy Pelosi’s Not Wrong“. Now there’s a sentence you won’t see me type very often.

One More: Jonathan Last has a round-up of “The Best and Worst of SOTU ’06” (subtitled, “Putting the trivial back into politics”–and taking it out of show business, I guess) with this tidbit:

Best Howard Dean moment: Democrats erupting in applause when the president began a sentence saying, “Congress did not act last year on my proposal to save Social Security . . .”

Michael Graham notes a missed opportunity for Bush to lob one out of the park had he planned for that applause.