Marathon Pundit writes that Chutch has met his match:

LA Weekly has an article on Nasdijj, a Native American author. Or is he?

In what LA Weekly is calling a Navahoax, it seems that Nasdijj has some things in common with Ward Churchill, he’s an F-Troop Indian.

A fraud.

Although Nasdijj goes beyond Ward Churchill; he created a completely new persona for himself.

According to the LA Weekly and others, Nasdijj is actually Tim Barrus. He’s got a few other things in common with Ward–born around the same time, 1950 for Barrus, 1947 for Churchill. Both come from blue-collar Midwestern families.

Both Barrus and Churchill have genealogies that go back many generations, and include no American Indian ancestors. And both men viciously insult their detractors.

Of course Nasdijj/Barrus seems to have something in common with James Frey, too. Frey fooled Oprah, and whatever his name is tricked the New York Times, which honored his The Blood Runs Like a River Through My Dreams as a 2001 Notable Book.


As I noted last year in a piece titled “M For Fake“, there does seem to be a lot more charlatans running around these days, huh?

(Via Pajamas.)


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