Ed Driscoll

Haley Barbour, Call Your Office

Glenn Reynolds examines the Cory Maye case over at his MSNBC blog. In a follow-up post, he writes:

Meanwhile, a number of people wonder why the Tookie Williams case has gotten so much more attention than the case of a quite-likely innocent man on death row. I can only speculate: Williams was from Los Angeles, where celebrities abound, and his case gave media folks who wanted to put California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in a tight spot an opportunity. Also, Cory Maye was defending his home and family with a handgun, something the celebrity media types tend not to favor. (Plus, there’s no fear of riots.)

Whatever the reasons, Cory Maye hasn’t gotten the attention his case deserves. I hope that will change.

Speaking of Tookie, Jonah Goldberg looks at those “celebrity media types” his story attracted and writes:

I find it revealing that a significant number of conservatives I know (and even work with) either oppose the death penalty on moral grounds or are inclined to. But they are consistently put off by the radical chic crowd, which has grown deceitful, narcissistic, and married to agendas no conservative would ever sign on to.