Ed Driscoll

The Eighth Wonder of the World--Times Three

More and more I do my DVD shopping at Amazon, but the Digital Bits DVD review site has a tip to a pretty nifty Best Buy exclusive:

Best Buy has got a very special deal going on. If you buy the King Kong: Two-Disc Collector’s Edition there, you get the tin packaging version… bundled with BOTH Son of Kong and Mighty Joe Young, AND a set of 5 additional poster art collector’s postcards (different from the ones included in the tin), all for just $33.99! It’s a great deal, and it gives you everything you want as a Kong fan DVD-wise. Just FYI.

It’s listed as sold out on their Website, but I just picked up a copy at my local Best Buy.

The Bits also has a great interview with film historian Robert A. Harris on what a bear (so to speak) Kong was to restore before it could be released onto disc. I’ll let you know if it was worth it at some point in the not-too-distant future.