Ed Driscoll

Take Five

I’m inbetween events, trying to recharge the batteries between the launch at the Rainbow Room, and the BYOL (bring your own lampshade) party tonight here at the W.

Thank you to Glenn Reynolds, La Shawn Barber, and Dave Johnston linking to my stream of conciousness real-time, typo-filled blogging of the events this morning.

Perhaps the most postmdern experience I felt was sitting at an opposite table during the morning sessions to La Shawn (who I had only just met about 20 minutes prior) and to Dave Johnston (whom I wouldn’t actually get to greet until after lunch), and doing a Technorati search to see them mentioning my live blogging.

I suspect in a few years though, simultaneous live-blogging of events is going to be much more common.

(Almost as common as vanity Google and Technorati searches are today by Internet savvy journalists…)

Both La Shawn and Dave have comments about the after-lunch speakers, and Jeff Goldstein, live blogging the launch in-person direct from his home in Colorado, notes that a potential gatecrasher was turned away in a rather dramatic–and some might even say erotic–fashion.

Update: Very minor housekeeping note: I just adjusted the timestamps on all of today’s posts to reflect Eastern Standard Time, unlike this blog’s usual California-based Pacific Standard Time stamps.