Ed Driscoll

Why Yes, Paris Is Burning

Ed Morrissey compares the Muslim riots in Paris with General von Choltitz’s refusal to carry out Hitler’s mad plans in 1944 to burn Paris to the ground to present Allied liberators with a wasteland. “What von Choltitz preserved, Paris’ own Muslim population appears intent on destroying now”, Ed writes. “For a full week, night has brought riots and destruction to the City of Light, while the French government seems paralyzed and unsure about how to stop it”:

The French still dither when they should act instead, sending the message even more clearly that they will not act in their own defense. The Muslim Uprising will soon become an al-Qaeda rallying point; not an intifada, as some have surmised, but an actual military front in AQ’s war on the West. They intend to turn the sink estates into holy land and ensure that their bloody rule cannot be dislodged. If the French do not act quickly, they may soon find out what happens when fascists without the humanity of a von Choltitz will do to their beloved Paris once they have enough power.

Meanwhile, Orrin Judd wryly notes that “Europe’s secular multiculturalism is getting a nice little test drive in the streets of Paris this week–how’s it working?”

La Shawn Barber observes we could be witnessing America’s potential future:

Paris is reaping what it