Ed Driscoll

Ed Meets The Lord Of Jasperwood

Just had a fun telephone interview with James Lileks about his new book, Mommy Knows Worst.

Much like how Emmet Ray viewed Django, I’m in awe of Lileks’ seemingly effortless chops as a writer. Other than exchanging a couple of emails, this was the first time I had spoken with him, and now I know how Luca Brasi felt before he had his audience with the Godfather. I probably sounded equally articulate when I spoke with James: I don’t think I said “And may Jasper’s first child be a masculine child”, but who knows?

In contrast, as anyone who’s ever heard him on Hugh Hewitt’s show, or his own podcasts knows, Lileks is a great conversationalist; needless to say, when the profile/review/encomium is finished, I’ll let you know when it’s online.