Ed Driscoll

Worth A Thousand Words

Michelle Malkin has a new book, which she’s introducing on her Website:

The book is about turning MSM conventional wisdom on its head and showing that the standard caricature of conservatives as angry/racist/bigoted/violence-prone crackpots is a much better description of today’s unhinged liberals than of us.

You know how the NYTimes assigns a reporter (David Kirkpatrick) to cover conservatives like aliens from another planet? Well, this book turns the tables. I’m your conservative Margaret Mead covering the unhinged creatures of the Left like Australian aborigines. Kinda the same way Maureen Dowd writes about men…without all the bitterness.

As I noted, there were many photos providing vivid documentary evidence of my thesis that didn’t make it into the book. So as an exclusive supplement, I present to you without further ado…

Unhinged: The Mugshot Collection

Just keep scrolling, as they say.