Ed Driscoll

That Was The Week That Wasn't

Michael Barone looks at the bottom of the perigee:

George W. Bush’s administration has come through what many have been saying would be its worst week, and it has turned out to be — well, if not one of the best, then one that is far more encouraging than most of the mainstream media expected.

Four events, or non-events, have put the administration in a position to make progress and advance the standing of the president and his party in public policy and in the public opinion polls.

Read the rest. And as John Hinderaker writes:

Having now read fifteen or twenty news stories about what a devastating blow the Lewis Libby indictment was to the administration, about how President Bush is “reeling” and the administration is “in turmoil,” even “in crisis,” and how Libby was a key and irreplaceable figure in the administration, whose departure is a serious blow because he played such a vital role, I couldn’t help wondering: does anyone remember who Al Gore’s chief of staff was when he was vice-president?

As soon as President Bush announces his Supreme Court nominee (possibly later today, or early in the week), the name “Scooter” will go back to being associated with Jim Henson and company. But I’d still like to see more forward progress, and less rope-a-dope with the MSM and other opponents.