Ed Driscoll

Demonizing Condi

Michelle Malkin wonders why USA Today photoshopped Condoleezza Rice’s eyes to make her look, as Power Line suggests, like she’s stepped off the set of an Omen movie.

One of Michelle’s readers suggests it’s a Photoshop sharpness filter run amok, but the rest of her face appears unchanged.

Update: USA Today has pulled the airbrushed photo and replaced it with a non-doctored version, along with a surprisingly lame explanation from the newspaper on the incident.

Another Update: Sissy Willis writes:

USA Today got religion in record time…Holding the media’s feet to the fire by confronting them with the errors of their ways: It’s one of the things the blogosphere does best. We notice there were 60 trackbacks to Michelle’s original post — most if not all in support of her thesis — including technical explanations by Photoshop experts as to how the original image may have been doctored. Congratulations to Michelle and her army of seekers of wisdom and truth for not letting ’em get away with it.

Indeed, as the Blogfaddah would say.