Ed Driscoll

McBane, Starring In "Rope-A-Dope: The Sequel"

Michael M. Rosen writes “Don’t Call it a Comeback (Yet)” for Governor Schwarzenegger–but his poll numbers, and that of his initiatives on the ballot in November are rising fast:

A Survey USA poll taken in the beginning of October found all of the governor’s initiatives favored by wide margins, some by more than 20 points. Other polls have confirmed these findings.

Schwarzenegger’s internal polling showed more than 60% support for the initiatives as recently as mid-September, even as his own personal approval remained mired in the mid-30’s. Since then, he formally announced that he would seek reelection in 2006, perhaps persuading voters that he’s in this for the long haul.

How has he generated those numbers? See if this strategy rings a bell:

Just a few months ago, conventional wisdom had all but written Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eulogy, complete with all the shopworn Terminator clich