Ed Driscoll

MSM: Top-Down Omniscience. Blogosphere: A Dialogue

At the height of the RatherGate scandal last fall, I wrote:

One thing that [Dan] Rather has in common with both Walter Cronkite, and Ted Baxter, another (albeit fictional) ex-CBS employee, is the belief that as a newsman, if he doesn’t appear omniscient, he can’t succeed. Imagine any blogger saying, “And that’s the way it is”, as Uncle Walter did every night and expecting his readers to trust him solely based on his word, without the reader following the links and doing his own digging.

No wonder Fox, with its “We report, you decide” motto, and the Blogosphere, with its “we link, you decide” –and probably start your own blog to tell us why if we’re wrong [creed]–are pummeling CBS into the ground.

In the latest Pajamas Media profile, Dean Esmay says:

The internet and blogs show us there is a great deal more intelligence, knowledge and perspective among common everyday people than was ever suspected. There are bloggers who make me look like an idiot, but they make me smarter too. And they learn from me. It