The Films We Kept To Ourselves

If there’s a reason why, as Mark Steyn writes, America’s War On Terror is all but forgotten, at least on the left-hand side of the home front, it’s that the media are so doggedly determined, in their efforts to be the new reactionaries, to send the Wayback Machine back to 1968 and bury their heads in the sand–Maureen Dowd of the New York Times all but said so, specifically referencing that psychedelic year in a recent column.


The media, of course, also includes the entertainment media. A post of mine from the beginning of May, called “Saboteurs, Then and Now” came out too screedy in retrospect than I would have preferred, but it was intended as a reminder of how Hollywood has all but ignored the War On Terror–to the point where it’s shot itself in the foot at the box office this summer.

Of course, as I later wrote, we may look back and view this period of cinematic neglect as being far more benign than what Tinseltown currently has on its drawing boards.


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