Shooting At Superdome Rescue Helicopters?!

Maybe the Air National Guard and medivac choppers needs someone to ride shotgun on their helicopters:

The scene at the massive New Orleans arena is chaotic as authorities attempt to evacuate the thousands who had massed inside because of Hurricane Katrina.

The airborne evacuation of the sick and injured was put off temporarily following a report of a shot being fired at a military helicopter, although the federal government said it doesn’t know about any such incident.

The air ambulance service that was supposed to transfer some of the worse-off evacuees said it won’t fly near the dome until security is restored.


As Jonah Goldberg writes:

Looting for personal gain is reprehensible and should be swiftly punished. But when people fire weapons on doctors and rescue vehicles, it is a sign of profound moral decay more grotesque than words can describe. That these images are being beamed around the world is a source of deep shame. Even copkillers like Mumia Abu Jamal can have a perverse morality to them, in the sense that in their worldview cops represent oppression or some such. I think that’s an attitude that runs the gamut from profoundly misguided to profoundly malevolent and copkillers should get the death penalty, period. But shooting people as they try to save the lives of babies and old women is an act so base and vile that it cannot even support the veneer of a pernicious ideology. This is so depressing.



Speaking of helicopters and other aircraft, this seems like a logical use for them as they’re flying through the area.


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