Ed Driscoll

The Times Dowdifies Condi

Samizdata’s blogger’s glossary credits James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal for inventing the term “Dowdified”:


Used as noun or verb. The willful omission of one or more words so the meaning of the statement is no longer understood but that the statement suits the needs of the writer in launching an ad hominem attack whether or not the construction is truthful or grammatically complete.

Named after Maureen Dowd, based on her manufacture of a quote attributed to President Bush in her May 14, 2003 column (as first reported by Robert Cox on TheNationalDebate.com).

The latest victim of the Times’ Dowdification machine? Condoleeza Rice.

Makes you wonder how many quotes the media invented, distorted, and altered, prior to the Blogosphere, huh?

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