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I have an article on blogs and business in the August issue of CE Pro magazine. The CE in CE Pro stands for custom electronics professionals, such as home theater installers and “smart home” designers. It’s not on the Web yet (except for industry subscribers), but if it goes online for the general public, I’ll definitely link to it here.


Needless to say, I think blogs are a tremendous tool for any business to communicate to with its customers. I interviewed Phil Melton of Reliegh North Carolina’s Audio Advice, which added a Weblog to its site last year. I was only mildly surprised that he follows InstaPundit and other folks in the Blogosphere.

It’s sort of coming full-circle for me: I contributed several articles ten years ago to CE Pro’s earlier incarnation, Custom Home Electronics, and its original editor, Mary Ann Giorgio, was a huge help in shaping those early efforts. She later went on to edit Audio/Video Interiors, the first home theater magazine, originally started in 1989, where I was proud to also contribute articles.

(Not sure where she’s working now. Mary Ann, if you ever do a Google “vanity search” and see this post, drop me an email. You were the best!)


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