Donald Trump, Hoss

Saying that Donald Trump can be a blowhard is, if anything, an understatement of Empire State proportions. But be sure to listen to his testimony to the Senate yesterday on repairing the U.N.’s building, where The Donald explains to 100 clueless senators how the world works–at least the world of Manhattan real estate.


Update: Hugh Hewitt, who played Trump’s masterful performance on his radio show this afternoon blogs:

The e-mails are pouring in from amazed, amused and astonished listeners. My favorite thus far, from blogger MySandman:

“This is positively absurd!! The architect got HOW MUCH in pre-commission? [Answer: Trump said $44 million] Good Grief, I work for a world-class firm, and that number is science fiction to me. I have got to get this transcript to my bosses. We need to start working for the UN .

Seriously, though. These people at the UN are so tremendously incompetent that I am frightened beyond belief to know they are where they are, controlling aspects of world socio-politics . You say this is a reality show in itself. I am astounded by the fact that it is a scene replayed right out of Atlas Shrugged: A Capitalist dealing with Marxist on the level of parent mentoring infants. Could there be any more profound example of why Socialism does not work? I submit to you, that what you are playing illustrates the supremacy of America on the global stage like no other document in this century.”

Another e-mailer wonders if Kofi’s son is working with the Italian architect.

Seriously, this testimony should be played in high schools. Given Trump’s profile, the kids would listen, and not only would they be schooled in the basics of development, they’d also get a glimpse of why every government building project everywhere is inefficient.


Indeed. (To coin a phrase.)

Another Update Dangerous Liberty has video of Trump’s performance.


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