Boy, Dan Okrent Wasn't Kidding, Huh?

Hollywood screenwriter Barbara Nicolosi is that rarest of rare birds–a conservative Christian working in Hollywood and openly discussing her faith and politics.


Oddly enough, this seems to frighten the New York Times:

This is a somewhat paraphrased and somewhat literal transcription of an interview I did Sunday night with a NY Times reporter named James. This was the follow-up interview to one he did with me a few weeks ago. That first interview started with the following exchange (after intro comments):

James: So, in the last six months, there have been 37 pairings in the Times of the word “Christian” with words like “scary”, “frightening”, “theocratic” and “intimidating”. My question is, what is it about Christians that makes you so scary?

Barb: (loud, snorting and sneering laughter) Are you kidding me?

James: What?

Barb: I finally get interviewed by the New York Times, and you ask me a question like that?! (more snorting and laughing)

James: (sniffs) Are you laughing because you think it’s funny that people find Christians frightening?

Barb: No. I’m laughing because you want me to tell you why you and your friends are scared of Christians — and I think you should ask your therapist!


Here’s the article that James contacted her for.

Okrent wasn’t kidding when he wrote this piece last summer, huh?

(And neither was Rod Dreher, of course.)

Update: Related thoughts from Tom Maguire, who has a quote from Times editor Bill Keller which tacetly reinforces Dreher’s thesis:

I also endorse the committee


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