Ed Driscoll

Daniel Okrent's Masterful Timing

Daniel Okrent certainly knows when to make an exit. The Times’ former ombudsman left just before having to deal with the ramifications of this.

What on earth has gotten into the MSM lately? First the Newsweek Koran in urine fabrication, and then Sean Penn is hired by the San Francisco Chronicle to “report” on Iraq. (I guess Leonardo DiCaprio was still under contract to report for ABC.) And now the New York Times has hired the “artist” responsible for the infamous Piss Christ to illustrate an article on Abu Ghraib and the US military.

So much for big media being more responsible than the Blogosphere. I know all wars are supposed to be Vietnam for the left, but I don’t remember reading about the press doing anything like that in the late ’60s and early ’70s.

The Professor’s was spot-on when he said: President Bush’s ability to “drive his opponents stark, raving bonkers is almost supernatural”.

Update: Hugh Hewitt writes that the MSM would much rather focus on Sean Penn’s comings and goings in Iran, than a major religious conference discussing the return of anti-Semitism to Europe.