Ed Driscoll

Crank Up The Hype Machine!

God, I love the headline on this Reuters piece, found via PoliPundit:

Europe in crisis after Dutch, French reject treaty

There’s a crisis? There are tanks rolling in the streets? Civilians being rounded up? Che-style firing squads?

While Europe’s taxes and unemployment remain too high, and its business growth too low, something tells me that life is going on just fine for the vast majority of its citizens, except for the comparative handful in Belgian and French marble halls.

Update: Given his blog’s name, it’s somewhat ironic, but not very surprising: Compared to Reuters, Steve Green of VodkaPundit has a much more sober take on where Europe goes from here.

More: In an email we just received titled “Take that back”, a Mr. S. Green of Colorado swears “to Whomever I was on my second martini when I wrote that piece”.

To paraphrase Abe Lincoln, whatever Steve makes his Martinis with, somebody please send a case or twenty to Reuters!