Ed Driscoll

The Other Half of the Equation

It takes two to tango, and likewise, the deaths of 17 Pakistanis didn’t happen solely because of Newsweek’s fabulist Koran-in-the-Gitmo-toilet story. Mark Steyn introduces us to Imran Khan, the other half of the equation, the man who lit the spark on Pakistani TV:

By my reckoning, just five American newspapers mentioned the name of Imran Khan last week. Who? Well, he’s a world-famous — wait for it — cricketer. No, hang on: Don’t all stampede for the exits, this isn’t a column about cricket. He is, as it happens, a beautiful cricketer, the first great fast bowler from the Indian subcontinent and — whoops, no, honestly, it’s not a cricket column. But the point is he’s a household name in England, Australia, India and everywhere else where the summer game means the thwack of leather on willow.

And in the same week a mere handful of American media outlets mentioned Imran, over a hundred newspapers mentioned Michael Isikoff of Newsweek. Isikoff was the guy who filed the phony-baloney story about some interrogator at Guantanamo flushing a Quran down the toilet. But Imran was the guy who, in a ferocious speech broadcast on Pakistani TV, brought it to the attention of his fellow Muslims, many of whom promptly rioted, with the result that 17 people are dead.

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(Via PoliPundit.com.)