Ed Driscoll

Quote of the Day

Not surprisingly, it comes from the great Jay Nordlinger:

And here’s Sen. Barbara Boxer, on John Bolton, Bush’s nominee to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations: “He’s been very contemptuous of the U.N.” Well, no sh**, senator. And you haven’t? You weren’t contemptuous when Saddam Hussein’s government chaired the nuclear-disarmament committee? You weren’t contemptuous when Qaddafi’s Libya and Assad’s Syria chaired the human-rights committee? You’re not contemptuous that China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, and other beauts sit on that committee?

You weren’t contemptuous when the U.N. stood by as thousands were slaughtered in the Balkans? You haven’t been contemptuous at the U.N.’s performance in Rwanda, and Congo, and Sudan?

Liberalism used to mean something