Ed Driscoll

Advantage: Ed!

OK, this one was too easy. Yesterday, I wrote:

As with President Reagan’s death, it will be interesting to see how the media covers a man that few in that field seem to have many kind words for–unlike millions upon millions in their audience.

Check out this item on Power Line:

“Pope John Paul II Dies; Times Can’t Find Someone Who Liked Him”

Be sure to click on the screen shot of a New York Times Web page that was initially posted only missing just one little item…

Update: Ed Morrissey writes:

What an appalling effort on behalf of the so-called Paper of Record. Such laziness on the part of a reporter and editors cannot simply be accidental. It reminds one of the cluelessness of Pauline Kael who exclaimed her disbelief about Nixon’s landslide re-election: “No one I know voted for him!” If the New York Times can ever be capable of embarassment, this incident should shame them greatly.

Duranty doesn’t really phase them seventy years later. Why should this?

Another Update: Michelle Malkin has numerous further examples in a similar vein.