Ed Driscoll

Hollywood and Middle America

So why is 75 percent of America tuning out the Oscars? Let’s ask the South Park guys!

While I’m not a huge South Park fan myself (click here and then scroll down to read James Lileks’ early take on it, which works for me as well), I’m glad that there’s a show on that’s willing to take on liberal shibboleths–and receive a huge cult following in the red states as a result.

Which is why Hollywood, Interrupted’s authors interviewed Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the men who created the show for their book. They have a great take on why Hollywood has increasingly alienated much of Middle America. Here’s but a small excerpt:

TP: People in the middle of the country do not matter AT ALL to the entertainment people in LA and New York. People in the entertainment industry are by and large whore-chasing drug-addict f***-ups, right? But they still believe they