Ed Driscoll

Every Eason Must Get Stoned

Rony Abovitz of the Davos Blog writes:

“Before Eason is stoned, are we sure that we are all without sin? Right wing bloggers: are you holding our leaders to the same standard of accountability that we are now holding Eason Jordan (see George W. Bush, reasons for invading Iraq)?

Hugh Hewitt replies:

No one is about to “stone” Eason Jordan –he is catching hell for slandering the good men and women in uniform. That’s all. You can’t blast heroes as killers and walk off the field to a cocktail parties in Davos and pretend nothing happened. This isn’t an ideological debate about whether it was wise to invade Iraq and whether 25 million Iraqis are better off today than they were two years ago, though they most certainly are. It is about whether a senior American news executive can slander the people who are fighting –and dying or being wounded– and do so without consequence. Don’t try and raise the issue to one of “blogosphere ethics.” It isn’t that at all. It is about what Eason Jordan said and the refusal –thus far– of MSM to call him on it. It is solely about MSM ethics, or lack thereof.

Meanwhile, the story of Jordan’s serial smearing of US troops is beginning to slowly percolate outside the Blogosphere.