Ed Driscoll

WMD=Words of Mass Discussion

Long, detailed post on Instapundit.com including comments by the Professor’s readers from across the spectrum, on the implications of the shutdown of the Iraq Survey Group’s search for WMD stockpiles.

This email helps to put the last ten years into perspective:

Was it the UN weapons inspectors or the US military that ascertained no weapons were in Iraq? It seems to me that many of the Bush administration’s detractors are not only ignoring the fact that most people believed the weapons were there but that most people would still believe it if we had not invaded.

We discovered the true state of our intelligence failures because of this. And it seems obvious as well that if the weapons are not there now then they might not have been there in 1998 when Clinton launched Operation Desert Fox and bombed Iraq.

So, does that make him a war criminal? I do not pretend to know where the weapon stock piles ended up. They could be destroyed or buried in Syria for all I know, but I do know that if Clinton had answered these questions and dealt with these issues effectively a decade ago we would not be having this discussion now.

After all if Bush were really as dishonest as some of the Bush haters say he is he could have planted the damn things, now couldn’t he?

As Glenn notes, “And if he’d found the real thing, a lot of his critics would have said they were plants.”

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